Noise vibration from mechanical equipment more often than not is an unwanted bi-product of a facility’s need to cool and heat a space. Noise and vibration are often overlooked during the design development stage and therefore unfortunately, retro-modifications are required to reduce noise and vibration after build out. We offer an array of mechanical acoustic/vibration services which include the following:

– Conceptual Design Reviews/Recommendations
– Schematic Design Reviews/Recommendations
– Design Development Reviews/Evaluations/Recommendations
– Construction Document Reviews/Evaluations/Recommendation
– Post-Construction Compliance Reviews/Evaluations
– Post-Constructions Retro-fit Recommendations

We provide a wide array of services from design reviews/recommendations to identifying post-construction noise and vibration abatement solutions. Our experience solutions include but is not limited to the following type of equipment:

– Air Handlers
– Motors/Pumps
– Condenser and AC/Units
– Exhaust Fans
– Chillers
– Evaporators
– Motors
– Make-Up-Air Units
– Variable-Air-Volume Systems
– Packaged Mechanical Systems
– Vertical Terminal Systems
– Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems