We offer a wide range of acoustical and vibration field testing helping a client identify acoustic/vibration weak points, troubleshoot, confirm compliance to in-house or third-party requirements and much more. Some of our capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

– Sound Pressure Measurments
– Sound Power Measurements
– Acoustic Directivity Measurements
– FFt and Broadband Noise/Vibration Measurements
– Power Spectra
– Power Spectra Density
– Frequency Response and Frequency Response Functions
– Coherence Functions
– Transfer Funcctions
– Harmonic Distortions
– Dosimeter
– Statistical Data Sets and Percentile Levels
– Acoustic Holography
– Acoustic Decay Time Measurements
– Peak Particle Velocity Measurements
– Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement Vibration Measurements

Our experience includes the acoustics and vibration testing of the following but is not limited to:

– Ballistics
– Mechanical Equipment and Accessories
– Building Materials/Partitions/Floor-Ceiling Assemblies
– Reliability/Durability Testing
– Dampening