Pollution Control Unit Noise and Vibration Control

MD Acoustics completed a noise and vibration control assessment for two (2) pollution control units (PCUs) within a mixed use development. Restaurant uses are located on the first floor of the project site area while six stories of apartments are located directly above. MD analyzed the noise and vibration for the mechanical equipment, PCUs, duct work, make-up air units, compressor units, exhaust fans, and all other HVAC/duct work. In addition, MD analyzed the interior spaces (for both the restaurant and apartment) for the proposed floor/ceiling assembly designs and interior party walls from a soundproofing standpoint. Recommendations were made to keep equipment noise levels to a minimum throughout the entire interior/exterior building space.

MD helped design equipment enclosure to ensure noise would not transfer to restaurant space below.

selected proper spring isolators to decouple vibration into structure.